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The NHS needs your help to fight the COVID-19 pandemic. Make a donation today.

The COVID-19 pandemic threatens to overwhelm the capacity of the NHS. Every effort is required to ensure hospitals can continue to provide essential services. You can support this effort financially by making a donation to your local NHS Trust.

Currently in Beta Release. If you would like to help out email us.

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Why does the NHS need your money now?

Buying ventilators, masks, antiviral medicine, containment equipment, COVID-19 testing kits.

Where does this money go?

All money donated will go directly to the NHS. We do not take a fee. The NHS is made up of multiple NHS trusts which in turn directly fund local hospitals. You can choose which trust you would like to fund or you can spread your donation across all hospitals.

Who made this website?

Crowdform is a software design and development agency based in London. We built this site to demonstrate the power of Open Banking and crowdfunding for good. If you need help building or designing software get in touch!hello@crowdform.co.uk

I don't see my local NHS Trust listed

Contributions of bank details of NHS trusts are welcomed. Please email nhs@crowdform.co.uk if you have any information on bank details of NHS trusts.